Stud Dogs

Judah - Stud Dog Portland

7 time Master National Qualifier
Fr. Jim's Rebel Yell MNH7

AKC Reg. No. SN89866405
OFA Hips Good, LR-140564G25M-PI
OFA Elbows Normal, LR-EL22125M25-PI
EIC Normal, LR-EIC442/83M-VPI
CERF LR-41235/2009-85
Born: 2/6/2002

“Judah” – Fr. Jim’s Rebel Yell MNH7

Judah has his Master Hunter title and is a 7 time Master National qualifier. He is the only dog west of the Mississippi that can claim this impressive feat. Judah has sired puppies that have gone on to achieve Junior, Senior and Master Hunter titles, Master National qualifiers along with many that have become fantastic waterfowl and upland hunters and just great companions. He has an excellent disposition and was a joy to train and handle. Judah’s mother, Shade’s Irish Bailey MH MNH5, finished her career with 5 Master National qualifications. He has 2 litter mates, JoJo and Scooby, who each achieved Master Hunter titles.  Judah’s photo gallery may be seen here.

Judah’s stud fee is $1500. A deposit of $200 is due at time of breeding with the balance due before the AKC paperwork is signed off on. We require the females to have their clearances along with a negative brucellosis test. Breedings will be either natural or side by side A.I.

Contact Minoggie Kennels for further information or for Judah’s availability.

 Rudy Stud Dog - Sauvie Island Oregon
Island Acres Fog Cutter MH

AKC Reg. No. SR39259204
OFA Hips Good, LR-189935G46M-VPI
OFA Elbows Normal, LR-EL48975M46-VPI
CERF LR-347980/2011

“Rudy” – Island Acres Fog Cutter MH

Rudy has his Master Hunter title and ran in the 2010 Master National. He and his owner are avid duck hunters. They also share a love for bacon and prime rib. Like, what dog wouldn’t like those 2 things. Rudy is out of FC AFC Way-Da-Go Call Of The Wild and Sweet Desire Little Misty MH MNH5. His littermate, Deck The Halls With Ribbons From Holly MHMNH, entered the Master National Hall of Fame in 2011.Rudy is chocolate factored. His stud fee is $800. A non refundable $200 deposit is due when the female is dropped off. The female must have her clearances and a negative brucellosis test.  Contact us for more information regarding Rudy or for his availability.
Rudy’s photo gallery may be seen here.

Island Acres "Let's Play Two" MH

AKC Reg.No. SR63464808
OFA Hips Good, LR201080G28M-VPI
OFA Elbows Normal, LR-EL57127M28-VIP

“Ernie” – Island Acres “Let’s Play Two” MH

Ernie is an up and comer here at Minoggie Kennels. He is out of a repeat breeding between FC AFC Way-To-Go Call Of The Wild and Sweet Desire Little Mischief MH MNH5. The first breeding between those 2 produced Holly, a 3 time Master National qualifier and Rudy who has a MH title.

Ernie has 2 litter mates that will be joining him in his quest for a Master Hunter title in 2013. We also have high aspirations for both Haley and Grace. Here’s to brown dogs rule!!!

Ernie will be available for stud services beginning in 2013. His fee will be $1000 with a $200 non refundable deposit due at the time of breeding.
Females must have clearances along with a current negative brucellosis test.  Ernie’s photo gallery may be seen here.

Contact us for further information on Ernie or for his availability.


Moose Stud Dog

AKC's Moose Madness MH

AKC Reg.No. SR69529701
OFA Hips Good, LR-205230G24M-NOPI
OFA Elbows Normal, LR-EL60270M24-NOPI
CERF: Normal
Born: 08/20/2011
EIC clear


“Moose” – AKC’s Moose Madness MH

Let’s start by saying that Moose has a “demanding” mother and an
“overbearing” father. Of course, we’re talking about his parents of the 2 legged
variety. That being said and with almost all kidding aside, working with and
handling Moose is a step back in time for me. It takes me back to when Moose’s
real father, Fr. Jim’s Rebel Yell MH MNH7 was a young dog. Obviously, Moose
has some big shoes to fill when being compared to Judah, but at this stage of
his young career I would say the potential and talent are there.

Moose has his Senior title and will be working on his Master’s title this coming
spring. He has all his clearances. For more information or to check on Moose’s
availability please contact us. Interested parties must have clearances done on
their females along with having a negative brucellosis test. Stud fee is $1000 with
a non refundable $200 deposit due at the time of breeding.

Moose’s photo gallery may be seen here.